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Last June we had the pleasure of welcoming our very first summer interns, Onni and Aleksis. We haven’t previously had summer workers as we close the office while on holiday, but following interest in the option from high school students, we decided to hire two interns for 4 weeks before going on holiday this year.

My time at Colossal Order has been filled with interesting work tasks such as playing Cities Skylines and finding bugs. The atmosphere here is great and everybody is delighted when asked questions.

This work period has really enlightened me and I have learned a lot about the video game industry and have gained a very positive image of the gaming industry.

- Onni

Onni and Aleksis worked as part of our internal QA team during this period, getting familiar with Cities: Skylines, testing the Plazas & Promenades expansion, and writing new chirps for it among other tasks. They had great questions, and we got to share wisdom and tell stories from our years in game development.

My summer experience at Colossal Order has been wonderful. The atmosphere here is really positive and receptive to questions, and I felt comfortable asking anybody anything I wanted to know or needed help with.

The only thing I kind of felt missing at times was instructions on what to do if you’re done with your given task. But even this wasn’t that big of an issue, since most of the time I had a clear objective on what to do.

- Aleksis

We’re very pleased to hear they both had a great experience at Colossal Order, and we’re grateful for the work they did for us. It was wonderful to have two young people full of enthusiasm, who were genuinely happy to be part of the game development process and take a peek behind the curtain. 

If you’re a young person interested in game development, then an internship or a summer job is a great opportunity to get familiar with the industry! Besides the short summer hires for young people, we offer internships for game development students in relation to their studies throughout the year at our office in Tampere, Finland. If this sounds like you, send your portfolio and a description of what you’re looking for to

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