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Greetings city-builders! Financial Districts is almost here, and that means it’s time for not only the patch notes but also the goodies we have for you in the free patch. While not as packed full of new content as the Roads & Vehicles update last month, we have a few new additions we hope you will enjoy.

Let’s start with the new visual options: the addition of 6 new Color Corrections. These can be found in Options under Graphics and tweak the colors and brightness of the game. Want your temperate city to have a colder look? Maybe more vibrant blues and greens in your tropical city? Or maybe you prefer more muted colors to capture the right vibe. We hope one of the new options provides perfect the look and feel for your city.

The new options include Cold, Dark, Faded, Neutral, Vibrant, and Warm

Each map theme has unique lighting which affects the final look when a Color Correction is applied, meaning your temperate city will still look different from a boreal city when using the same Color Correction. This allows for many different looks for different cities, and we hope this will encourage you to try the new options. Below you can see a few examples of different cities using the new Color Corrections.

Boreal with Faded (right), Tropical with Cold (middle), and Temperate with Neutral (left)

While Color Corrections affect the look of your city as a whole, this next addition brings more variation to the streets of your city. We’ve added more color variations for our citizens and 5 new pet options for your citizens to adopt – time to disable that Pet Ban policy! Besides two new very good dogs we have 3 new cats which can be seen around the city.

Meet your new fluffy residents

Sticking with the theme of variations we have added a way to select your favorite submesh variation for ploppable buildings. As the submesh variations are still quite a new addition to the game, this doesn’t affect many buildings, but if you have placed the Large Fountain Plaza from Plazas & Promenades multiple times to get the version you want, you’ll find this new option handy! The dropdown menu also appears on the Large Bank, which has 3 different glass roof options to choose from.

The dropdown is automatically available on ploppable buildings with submesh variations

We also have a number of bug fixes which can be found in the patch notes below, however, this does not address all the issues you have reported to us. We are still investigating a number of reports, and we will have more patches in the future with additional bug fixes. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and hope you will continue reporting issues you encounter on our Bug & Support forum

Patch notes for 1.16.0-f3

Financial Districts mini-expansion paid content

  • Stock Investments Feature
  • Stock Exchange Building
    • 13 Investment Categories
    • Bank City Service
    • International Trade Building
    • 4 New Plazas
  • New Financial District Specialization
    • 72 New Office Buildings
  • 5 New Maps
    • Gray Waters
    • Narrow Passage
    • River Terrace
    • Windblown Coast
    • Wyvern Pass
  • 2 New Chirper hats
  • 5 New Steam achievements
  • New Chirps

Paid content African Vibes radio station

  • 16 New Songs
  • DJ Content

Paid content Content Creator Pack: Map Pack 2

  • 10 New Maps
  • 2 Boreal Maps
  • 4 European Maps
  • 2 Temperate Maps
  • 2 Tropical Maps

Free update for all players and DLCs owners

  • 6 New Color Corrections
    • Cold
    • Dark
    • Faded
    • Neutral
    • Vibrant
    • Warm
  • Additional Citizen Variations
    • 5 New Pets
  • Added the ability to select building variation
  • Tooltip text regarding mod compatibility improved
  • Fixed: Two-Lane Road With Tram Tracks missing connecting tram tracks when elevated
  • Fixed: Four-Lane Road With Tram Tracks missing connecting tram tracks when elevated
  • Fixed: Visible gaps are present at the connection of roads and bridges built in steep terrain
  • Fixed: Text overlapping the numerical value field in “Node properties” in the asset editor
  • Fixed: Large Six-Lane Road with Median and Tram Tracks has lower speed than other Large roads
  • Fixed: Double-decker bus capacity 60 appears to be mirrored
  • Fixed: Pedestrian streets with tram tracks missing stone texture for some nodes
  • Fixed: Buses do not always use bus-only lanes on highways
  • Fixed: Connector tram tracks are not visible on intersections of tunnel entrances of Two-Lane Roads with Median and Tram Tracks with multiple other roads with Tram Tracks
  • Fixed: Service Vehicle Selector unavailable for some services
  • Fixed: Problematic intersection on Riverrun map
  • Fixed: Newly added nodes have a few issues in the Road editor

Known issues

  • Trams Capacity 132 and Capacity 72 get “squashed” at stops
  • The Roads & Vehicles buses are invisible in left-hand traffic cities
  • Financial Office specialization cannot be removed from a district
  • Traffic routes for pedestrians & cyclists are invisible

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