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Alright mayors, it’s time for another Dev Diary as we count down to the release of Plazas and Promenades. Today is all about the new plazas & high capacity service buildings coming in this expansion, so let’s get to it.

Plazas and Promenades adds 10 new plazas, which can be found in the Pedestrian Areas menu under Parks & Plazas. Some of these are available as soon as you create your first pedestrian area, while others require you to reach certain goals before unlocking. They provide your citizens and tourists with entertainment, whether used inside a pedestrian area or anywhere else in the city.

Plazas and Promenades offer lots of variation to beautify your city

As the plazas were designed with pedestrian streets in mind, several of them are placed across the road, providing decoration on both sides. These can be used with small or large roads, and are placeable on both pedestrian streets and regular roads.

But plazas aren’t the only way to decorate an area! We’ve also included 23 new props and 20 new decals. These can be found in the Pedestrian Area Plazas tab. They provide a colorful modern look to your city and allow you to put a personal touch on your pedestrian areas.

The new props can be used to decorate corners of your city

New Service Buildings

Besides decorative buildings, we have a selection of new service buildings in the form of 6 new service buildings and 5 new public transportation buildings. All of these have a modern style and high capacity, offering both practical and stylish new options.

The High-Capacity Elementary School is quite a bit larger than the other schools we have, and it’s able to accommodate up to 800 students, making it ideal for neighborhoods with many families. In a similar fashion, the High-Capacity High School can educate more than twice as many students as the existing ones, with a capacity of 2400. And last, in the education menu, you will find the High-Capacity University, which can accept up to 10,000 students at a time.

Educate even more citizens using the new high-capacity options

Moving on to health and safety, we have the High-Capacity Hospital, able to handle a substantial number of patients, and the High-Capacity Police Headquarters and High-Capacity Fire Station, both of which have a significant number of vehicles available to allow them to respond to more emergencies at once.

New high-capacity services to keep your citizens healthy and safe

There are also new buildings in the Public Transportation menu. The new Compact Bus Station only takes up a little space but has 4 bus stops, which makes it easy for passengers to transfer between multiple lines. The new Elevated Train Station moves tracks off the ground to allow for zoning between the building and the street.

Modern and compact new options for buses and trains

In the Metro department, we have 3 new options to choose from. For the elevated metro system, there is the new Elevated Metro Station with Shops in a style similar to the new train station. For the underground metro, we have the Parallel Underground Metro Station, which has 4 parallel tracks for areas where one line isn’t enough, and the Large Underground Metro Station, which features two sets of tracks crossing at different heights.

Take your metro system to the next level with these new options

And with that, we’ve come to the end of this Dev Diary. I hope you enjoyed this look at all the new service buildings and parks in Plazas and Promenades. Do you have any favorites already? The next Dev Diary is on Wednesday at 4PM CEST / 7AM PDT and looks at the new specializations and maps! Hope to see you then!

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