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Senior Gameplay Programmer

Transform urban dreams into reality! Join our studio crafting the future skyline. Architects, developers, and visionaries, let’s build together!

Your mission

As a Senior Gameplay Programmer at Colossal Order, your primary role is to develop advanced simulation systems. You will work collaboratively with the Creative team to design and implement gameplay systems and mechanics that meet the project’s requirements. You will also be responsible for monitoring the performance of various titles and integrating new technologies that are developed internally.

  • Researching and developing technical tools for a project as well as solving complex technical issues

  • Designing and implementing reusable systems

  • Learning and integrating new technologies and maintaining technical documentation

  • Developing gameplay systems to execute the needs of the games

  • Solid work experience in the game industry and game development with at least one shipped title

  • Excellent knowledge of Unity Engine 2022.3+ and associated package

  • Solid understanding of the Entity Component System Architecture

  • Fluent in C# and Burst compatible C#


Immerse yourself in a flexible and welcoming work environment that promotes open communication and values a healthy work-life balance. At our international hub of 30 individuals spanning 10 different countries, you can choose to work from home or our modern office in central Tampere, Finland. Embrace the advantages of Nordic work culture and partake in employee-driven social events such as weekly quizzes, game nights, and more.

Here, we’re not just colleagues – we’re a community passionate about simulation games and, of course, cake! Our roots are in Finland, the happiest country globally, and we strongly believe that the happiness and well-being of our team are fundamental to our success. Experience the blend of freedom with responsibility, enjoy a competitive salary and benefits package, and join a team with over a decade of expertise in crafting engaging games.