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This is a permanent, full-time (37.5h/week) position in Tampere, Finland.

As a Platform Support Engineer at Colossal Order, you will be a member of the Technology team, getting involved in the different projects in development and ensuring Unity and custom solutions built on top of it work and integrate smoothly on various target platforms.
Platforms include both hardware, software and distribution platforms such as Windows (dx11/dx12), Linux, Mac, XBox Series, PS5, XBox One, PS4, Steam, Discord, some aspects of Steam workshop and equivalent…

You will meddle with all layers of the technology used by the company and ensure their compatibility with various platforms, as well as implement platform integration features specific to various platforms such as user flow, unique gamepad features, storage, cloud, achievements, overlays and many more.
You will also be given responsibilities of optimizing certain features for a specific hardware platform when necessary.

Role and responsibilities
  • Ensure compatibility of features across all target platforms
  • Designing and implementing build pipelines in accordance to automation requirements
  • Designing and implementing reusable platform integrations
  • Designing and implementing distribution platform specific features
  • Implementing portions of the modding pipeline when applicable
  • Solving complex technical issues
  • Maintaining technical documentation
  • 5+ years of experience in the game industry
  • 1+ shipped PC and 1+ Console title
  • General knowledge of game engines
  • Excellent knowledge of Unity Engine 2020.3+ and associated Packages
    • At least Burst, Entities, Input System
  • Excellent understanding of a compilation pipeline and AOT compilation requirements
  • Familiarity with code generation, IL, JIT and IL2CPP
  • Solid understanding of the Entity Component System Architecture
  • Solid understanding of Industry standard file formats and tools
  • Fluent in C#
  • Very comfortable with C/C++
  • Advanced Debugging and Profiling skills
  • High attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to learn quickly and autonomously
  • Self-motivated and proactive with a strong work ethic
  • Creative mindset and ability to overcome technical challenges
  • Bonus: knowledge of html/css/js and web development

We offer a flexible and friendly work environment, open communication, and a healthy work-life balance. We believe that happy and healthy employees are the key to success. It’s no coincidence we work in the happiest country in the world!

Become a part of our international team of 30 people from 10 different countries working from home or our modern office located in central Tampere, Finland, and enjoy the benefits of Nordic work culture. Join our employee-driven social events, like weekly quizzes, game nights, and more.

  • We’re passionate about simulation games – and cake!
  • We’re more than a workplace, we’re a community
  • We have our home in Finland, the happiest country in the world
  • We believe happy and healthy employees are the key to success
  • We offer freedom with responsibility
  • We offer competitive salary and benefits
  • We have over 10 years of experience creating games
  • Flexible work hours
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation from the start of the employment
  • Private healthcare in addition to Finnish public healthcare
  • Extensive health and leisure insurance
  • Relocation help and housing
  • Private Finnish lessons
  • Access to company cabin

Send us an introduction, your CV, and your portfolio at We’ll start interviewing promising candidates right away, so please apply as soon as possible.